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Camera Equipment:
Sony BVW400A Beta SP camcorder
Canon J20x8.5 zoom lens with 2 x extender
Canon J9x5.2 wide angle zoom lens with 2 x extender
Vinten Vision 100 pan and tilt head and 3 stage tripod
Sony BVM9021ME 9" portable colour monitor
Matte box and filters (set of black promists, ND grads & polarizer)
Sony VA500P playback adaptor
Sound Equipment:
Sennheiser 416 rifle microphone and fishpole with Sennheiser headphones
2 x ECM 77 personal microphones
1 x Electrovoice RE50 hand microphone
1 x Audio Limited diversity radio microphones with ECM 77’s
Lighting Equipment:
3 x 750 Watt 'Redheads' (complete with gels, scrim, trace etc.)
1 x 50 Watt 'on camera' battery light
All the equipment is complete with all batteries, power leads, connecting and extension cables as appropriate and comes in a specially modified Toyota Previa vehicle.

Extra equipment such as Steadicam, Jimmy Jib, minicams, focus track and dolly, underwater housings, HMI lights, DEDO kits, walkie-talkies etc. can be provided to your specifications. Please contact us for availability and prices.
Lighting Cameraman
Hire Rates - 2006
Please phone or email for best rates.
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