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Camera Equipment:
Sony HDW-F900 Cine Alta High Definition Camcorder
Canon HJ 21 x 7.5 High Definition zoom lens
Canon HJ 11 x 4.7 High Definition wide angle zoom lens
Sony BVM-9HE 9" Portable Colour HDTV multi-format monitor
Vinten Vision 100 pan and tilt head and 3 stage tripod (or similar)
Matte box and filters (set of black promists, ND grads & polarizer)
Sound Equipment:
SQN 4S stereo 4 channel portable mixer (M/S capable) with Sennheiser headphones
Sennheiser 416 rifle microphone and fishpole
4 x ECM 77 personal microphones
1 x RE50 hand microphone
2 x Audio Limited diversity radio microphones with ECM 77's
Lighting Equipment:

3 x 750 Watt 'Redheads' (including 1 x Chimera)
2 x 300/500 Watt 'Mizars'
1 x 2000 Watt 'Blonde'

All the equipment is complete with all batteries, power leads, connecting and extension cables as appropriate and comes in a specially modified Toyota Previa vehicle.

Extra equipment such as Steadicam, Jimmy-Jib, minicams, focus track and dolly, underwater housing, HMI lights, DEDO kits, walkie-talkies etc. can be provided to your specifications.

We are also able to supply the Panasonic AJ-HDC27 camcorder which operates at frame speeds from 4fps to 60fps at a 720x1280 progressive scan

If required a Canon HD EJ prime lens set is also available

For best results on your High Definition shoot why not hire our Sony 23" LCD portable High Definition colour monitor to see just how great the pictures are!

Lighting Cameraman
Sound Recordist
Camera Assistant

Hire Rates - 2006
Please phone or email for latest rates.
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